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The Travelling Companions by Augustus Leopold Egg

Time to move on

I know I have been quiet lately, but in my defence I am new to all this and haven’t really got into my stride yet. After all, what should one consider to be a suitable interval between posts? Too frequent and one becomes open to accusations of vanity and delusions of self-importance, too few and […]

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte

These are interesting times

“May you live in interesting times” is reputed to be an ancient Chinese curse, but apparently it isn’t. Not that it matters where it came from so long as we all understand its meaning and intent. The idea of living in “interesting times” is, for many of us, a curse indeed. After all, what most […]

Woman at balcony window

What a difference a year makes

It is customary in January to look back over the previous year and consider the high and lows and the ways our world has changed. There is no doubt that there have been plenty of lows, some highs and more change than any of us could have predicted. Looming back at this time last year […]